Happy Holidays!

Yes,  I still exist.  Someday maybe I’ll have time to blog regularly again, but not for a while.  My life is very full – full of things to do, and also full of joy.  My freezers are also very full.  We’re starting to eat out of our freezers, while also still eating fresh vegetables.  One recent meal used cabbage from the last farmer’s market in November, carrots stored from our summer CSA, peppers that we froze, and tomatoes from a supermarket can.  I’m excited that our home-stored stuff can soon be supplemented from a new winter farmer’s market in our area!  (I’ve been continually excited by the increase in local food vendors as other people also realize that local food is a good idea.)

We have been reviving my husband’s grandmother’s Christmas tourtiere (meat pie) tradition.  Three Christmases ago, a cousin used her recipe – and that’s how we found out that her recipe had been written down.  Once we had the original recipe in hand, we figured out how to make a vegetarian version.  We first tried using fake meat in place of the real, and then figured out that we could make it cheaper and healthier by using a mix of lentils and mushrooms instead.  Here’s a link to my vegetarian tourtiere recipe.  This year, we’ll serve it with mashed butternut squash, because we still have a lot from our CSA.  (We also have hubbard, acorn, delicata, and pumpkin.)  I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!



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