Articles Update

The Boston Globe has been writing more about local food this month than I have been.  I’ve added links to 6 articles on my page Articles in the Boston Globe.

There’s a pair of articles about joining summer CSAs – thoughtfully published at the right time of year to do so (although many are already filled, especially by happy returning shareholders).  There’s an article about what goes on at CSAs and other farms over the winter.  At the intersection of those, there’s an article about winter CSAs, and another about locavores in winter.

The piece I found oddest (and which gave me the most sense of locavore-ness having become mainstream) was  in their “Dinner with Cupid” series.  Each week, the Globe sets two willing participants up on a blind date, doing the match-making and paying for their dinner in exchange for getting to publish the his-view, her-view dish on it all.  They seemed to think that both being locavores or at least slow-food people might be enough of a foundation for a relationship.  You’ll just have to click through to see if it worked.



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