Weeks 38-39: February 10 – 24

It’s been more of the same.  Nothing exciting to write about,  so I haven’t.  I can only think of two times we’ve used local vegetables (as opposed to winter CSA vegetables, mostly from Florida).  One was a dish of cooked beet cubes, still warm, dressed in plain yogurt and prepared horseradish.  It would have been a lot better if the horseradish weren’t from last Passover and therefore very weak.

The other vegetable use of note was a pumpkin that was very much on its way out.  After peeling it, getting the remaining mold spots off still felt like getting the eyes off potatoes – lots of little spots to get out with the tip of a paring knife.  The bottom inch or two had to be discarded entirely.  I discarded the seeds in that section, too, which was probably overkill.  The rest of the seeds were still just fine to season, bake, and eat.  Yummy!  The  rest of the peeled pumpkin I treated sort of like potatoes for salad:  I cut them into cubes about potato salad sized, and boiled them until they were potato salad tender (not to be confused with tender enough to mash).  Some of them went with chickpeas and Florida kale into an Indian-spiced dish over rice.  The rest of them got Jamaican jerk seasoning, butter, and brown sugar, and became a tasty side dish.   I think I’ve found a way that I would again bother to prepare pumpkin.  :)


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One Response to “Weeks 38-39: February 10 – 24”

  1. mangochild Says:

    Good news about the pumpkin seeds, and way to salvage what otherwise might have been a disapointment from that precious food. The best thing about winter squash/pumpkin is that they are hardy enough so that if a bit goes bad, it can always be cut off and the rest enjoyed :-)

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