Week 1: May 25-31

Our first chance at local veggies came just before Memorial Day when one of the local farmers markets opened.  When I went grocery shopping a few days before, I carefully didn’t buy any veggies.  In fact, for a couple of weeks prior, we’d been eating down our supply of veggies.  On a hot day in May, we ate a very wintry meal of scalloped parsnips (like scalloped potatoes) and cranberry-apple sauce. 

The parsnips were from our CSA.  When the drop-off season ended, the farmer invited all the shareholders out to his farm to pick anything remaining.  We dug a lot of carrots and parsnips.  At first, we stored them in a cabinet in the coldest corner of our kitchen.  We lost a few to rot, but we had so many we didn’t care.  Eventually, there were few enough left (and they were sad enough looking) that we scrubbed the remaining ones and moved them to the refrigerator.  The last of our November-dug parsnips went into a casserole of scalloped parsnips in May – a veggie storage success!  The apples in the sauce came from a farmers market.  Toward the end of the season, one of the farmers started selling 10 lb bags of past-prime apples for $7 and we bought a bag a week for a month.  The cranberries came from my local supermarket, but are Massachusetts grown, so still local food.  I’ve never seen cranberries at a farmers market. 

On the market’s opening day, there were lots of half-grown plants for sale, a vegetable garden started in someone else’s greenhouse.  There was meat, cheese, maple sugar products, bread from local bakeries, but almost no vegetables.  One farmer had brought some arugula, but it sold out hours before I got to the market.  So I bought what there was:  radishes and rhubarb.  The radishes went, with some supermarket organic celery and carrots, into tabbouleh.  Local parsley, frozen in ice cube trays last fall, went in, too.  The rhubarb, macerated in sugar and then stewed, became a pretty pink compote.  When I made the same compote last year my stalks weren’t as red and the compote came out gross-out-goo green.


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